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Internet Performance

  • Keynote Systems - Provides Internet health report and other tools for analyzing Internet performance
  • - Provides a variety of tools for analyzing the current state of the Internet 

Internet Service Provider Information

  • Internet Provider FAQ - Information on how to become an Internet Service Provider
  • ISP-LISTS - Home to dozens of mailing lists on ISP related topics
  • ISP-TECH - Mailing list for ISP technical issues
  • Merit Networks - Merit is a non-profit, Michigan based, Internet Support organization. There are many useful tools in the IPMA section for tracking Internet routing and Internet performance
  • MicroWeb Technology ISP Page - Good information for ISP's on UNIX programs and network security
  • Network Operations Home Page - Information on how to contact ISP NOC's
  • Russ Haynal's ISP Page - Information for ISP's and ISP employees
  • WhoISP - A collection of links to information of use to service providers

Internet Standards and Architecture Authorities and Organizations

  • Internet Society A non-profit, non-governmental, international professional membership organization that brings diverse interests and factions together to hammer out reasonable solutions that generate progress and growth for the Internet
  • The InterNic - RFC, Who Is, and Other Search Engines
  • IETF - The Internet Engineering Task Force
  • IAB - Internet Architecture Board - part of the IETF
  • IEPG - Internet Engineering and Planning Group

Miscellaneous Internet Links

  • allNet Devices - information about handhelds, smart phones, set-top boxes and other devices that connect to the Internet
  • Canadian Internet Law - Guide to Canadian Internet laws
  • CLEC Strategies - offers resources for ISPs interested in becoming CLECs
  • DNSstuff - A collection of on-line utilities such as Whois, traceroute and ping
  • Equinix White Papers - A variety of white papers on peering 
  • Hobbes' Internet Timeline - A historical time line of the development of the Internet
  • inet-ops - Mailing list and resource site for Internet operators and consultants
  • Internet FAQ Archive - Searchable index of Internet RFC's, Usenet FAQs, and other FAQs
  • Internet Policy Guides - Collection of white papers on topics such as e-mail usage policies, content filtering, and more
  • Internet Technical Resources - A good guide to the history of the Internet as well as current statistical information
  • Internet Tomography - A project to develop tools to collect and display the topology of the Internet
  • - Information about the Internet 2 project
  • NetConfigs.Com - Provides a wealth of resources for BGP and IP network administration.  Includes links to configuration tools, network administration tools, databases, and registries (ITPRC "Link of the Week")
  • - tons of resources for ISP operators - includes mailing lists for a variety of networking vendor products
  • RFC Archive - Searchable index of all RFC's
  • Sam Spade - A collection of on-line Internet tools such as Whois, DNS, and more

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