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Current Selection:

Packet Defense

A large collection of InfoSec resources including forums, exploit info, links to RFCs, and a whole lot more.

Previous Selections:

  • SecWiz - A web collection of documents helping to solve your network security problems in system-specific detail

  • IPv6 News and Links - An extensive collection of information on IPv6

  • - Get the low-down on IP Centrex services, market news, and industry trends here

  • - If you are looking for information on VPN products, technologies, or industry developments, this is the place to start

  • - Offering all sorts of tools and tips for network certification and network design, this site gives network engineers a place to go for help and assistance before implementing their designs
  • - This site aims to be a free support tool for diagnosing and fixing network problems.  If you are responsible for managing and supporting network operations, this site belongs in your tool bag

  • OpenITx: The Open IT Exchange - This wonderful resource is a directory of hundreds of IT related mailing lists covering every topic under the sun and then some

  • - This site provides a categorized index of hundreds of IT related newsletters

  • VPN Information on the World Wide Web - This site provides resources focused on products and technologies to enable "roll-your-own" VPNs.  Tons of technical guides, reviews, links, and more!

  • RFC Sourcebook -This site provides a very well organized comprehensive guide and index of Internet RFCs.  RFCs are categorized by protocol, author, number, and a variety of other methods.  A CD-ROM version is also available 

  • - With a large amount of industry sponsorship, this site provides a ton, and we mean a TON of free white papers, tutorials, guides and more on a variety of IT-related topics

  • Networking Files - Concise and easy to use index of hundreds of shareware and freeware networking related programs  

  • Westbay Online Traffic Calculators - This site provides several calculators for determining bandwidth requirements for call center applications, Voice over IP, and more

  • IT Papers - This site offers a huge searchable index of links to industry white papers on subjects ranging from networking, to computing, to software, and a whole lot more

  • NetConfigs.Com - Provides a wealth of resources for BGP and IP network administration.  Includes links to configuration tools, network administration tools, databases, and registries 

  • Idea Hamster - According to this site, "an "Idea Hamster" is the person who constantly churns out new ideas-- always thinking, never stopping."  We're glad this site isn't stopping.  The current focus is on producing an open source security testing methodology manual, which has the distinction of trying to be an open standard for Internet security testing.

  • Wireless Nets - Guide to wireless networking, including news, articles by wireless networking consultant Jim Geier, product guides, glossary and more!

  • Colosource: Your Co-location Directory - Thinking about moving your web servers to a co-lo facility? Don't do anything before visiting this site. ColoSource contains a directory of co-lo providers and locations, as well as white papers and discussion forums on co-location related topics.

  • The PKI Page - Public Key Infrastructure is one of the hottest emerging technologies in the IT world. Visit this site to find links to Certificate Authorities, Encryption Information, Digital Signature Resources and more.
  • IWS - The Information Warfare Site - News, discussions and mailing lists focusing on information security, information operations and e-commerce
  • Router God - Who would have thought that someone could make learning about networking actually entertaining? Well, these folks have done it, with a site featuring a mock lecture on priority queuing from none other than Gary Coleman, as well as a Star Trek inspired tutorial on OSPF
  • BS7799 & Network News - The PacketDefense news aggregation portal for network security and the BS7799 / ISO 17799 security standard.
  • Sun Help Desk - This site is loaded with resources for SunOS, Solaris, and Sun Hardware. Includes news, administration tips, FAQs, security check-lists and more

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