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Evaluation and Testing Organizations

  • Mier Communications - Home of the Gigabit Ethernet test center
  • Spec - The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Provides benchmark performance data on computer systems
  • Tolly Group On-Line - Testing and Technology Evaluation
  • ISO 15408 Common Criteria - Toolkit for the standard covering information technology security evaluation

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Misc. Misc.

  • BugTraq - Very active mailing list for tracking bug information in software and hardware systems

  • Data Emergency Guide - ActionFront's guide to disaster recovery

  • Dave Central - Reviews and links to tons of shareware

  • Disaster Recovery World - Source of resources of data and disaster recovery planning

  • Juniper Networks Image Library - Icons for Juniper's products

  • Messaging Online - News and information focusing on messaging

  • Networking Files - Concise and easy to use index of hundreds of shareware and freeware networking related programs 

  • Phil Agre's Home Page - Phil writes regularly on the Information age and Internet culture. Worth a visit!

  • Teleadapt - Guide to international modem connectivity. This site tells you what to bring in order to use your laptop while away from the United States

  • Thin Planet - Resources for the Thin Client Industry

  • Think Geek - Stuff for geeks. Mugs, shirts, and other geek related paraphernalia

  • TUCOWS - The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software

  • ISO 27000 and ISO 27001 - Information on the emerging standards for network and IT security

  • Woody's Office Power Pack - Home of Woody's Office Watch, a weekly newsletter of MS Office tips and tricks

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